Grumsen Equipment has more than 70 years of experience in servicing cargo boats, off-shore installations and fishing vessels.

The company works in facilities located at Esbjerg harbor.


24-hour emergency phone:

+45 7512 5422

Machine Capacity

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CNC vertical lathe

Vertical drilling and turning machine.

Maximum load 10 tons. Turning diameter up to Ø 2500. Unit height maximum 1600 mm. The machine is equipped with an extra rotating spindle, providing milling and drilling within the same set-up. Mastercam is installed.

CNC Horizontal drilling - and milling machine

As a standard, the machine is equipped with a hydrostatic plane, handling up to 20 tons of work. 40 tools in automatic tool changer. Table size 1800 x 2000 mm. Travel in X = 2500, Y = 1800, Z = 1250 and W = 750. MasterCam is installed.

CNC lathe

CNC Lathe with sup. spindel for milling. Max load 8 ton. Turning up to Ø1275. Unit length maximum 5000 mm. Spindle Ø235.