Our mechanical engineers are an essential part of the development and launch of any new or improved product. They are the ones who bring expertise in mechanics to a project. Our engineers also act as project managers for multidisciplinary projects.

Our mechanical engineers can assist you within the following areas:

  • Designing of all kind of mechanical machines or structures in SolidWorks 3D – from idea to prototype – in corporation with our client.
  • Solving excising mechanical issues/problems for our client.
  • Static calculations and simulations of all kind of mechanical structures, including final report from SolidWorks Simulation.
  • 2D drawings of all our designs in agreement with our client.
  • Documentation according to any classification society.
  • Consultancy for lager mechanical projects – especially regarding implementing special winch systems.
  • Designing hydraulic systems.
  • Designing hydraulic or electrical winch systems.

For more information please call:

 + 45 7512 5422