Grumsen Equipment delivers ROV winches as simple winches with a drum and hydraulic motor – ready for connection, to complete frames with built-in level wind, Hydraulic Power Unit and control cabinet.

ROV WINCH: with or without Lebus shells, umbilical, prepared for slip ring, water cooling

HYDRAULIC POWER UNIT: integrated in frame, separate frame

LEVEL WIND: mechanical, electric, hydraulic; separate or integrated; sheaves, rollers

FRAME: standard, off-shore type, fork-lift pockets, pad eyes, lifting set.

A-FRAME: deployment of A-frame with or without extendable boom

PLATFORM: extendable platform for unloading of subsea equipment

CONTROL SYSTEM: mechanically, electrically, remote, direct motor start, star delta start, soft start, off frequency controlled.


Offshore winches


The Chain Pincher is a product designed and constructed by Grumsen Equipment as a chain handling tool for ships, and will often act as a helping tool for winches when chains have to be pulled in.

Grumsen Equipment has produced chain handling equipment for many years, and has a lot of experience in this field.


Offshore winches


Are designed for a range of offshore applications, and it can be delivered in all kind of sizes, dimensions and with rotating options.

Offshore winches