Consent regarding the storing of personal data (only for sole proprietorships)

General information about our handling of personal data is available on our website)
– and on

In connection with business transactions in the firms in the Granly Gruppen A/S, I hereby give my consent and accept:

– That the firm collects, processes and registers personal data about me,

– The personal data is stated above in section 2 and also include data for statistical purposes

– That the firm’s data processors, for example for IT support, have similar rights

My consent is voluntary, and I can at any time

– Withdraw my consent regarding my personal data (except for information required by law)

– Complain about the processing of my personal data to the Danish Data Protection Agency,

Data controller is: Granly Gruppen A/S, Målerhusvej 2, DK-6700 Esbjerg – CVR no 11 40 23 05

After termination of the business connection

– All personal data will be deleted, except information which firms must according to book-keeping legislation, tax control legislation, etc., store for a specific period of time